If you have any questions about any of my photos, are interested in hiring me, collaborating, or doing a film swap, or just want to say hello, please drop me a line via my website:


Facebook page

Instagram @meldrummo

Photo-a-day 2014

I’m based in Kalgoorlie, in the Eastern Goldfields of WA.


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Melissa – couldn’t wait for your email. Your work is bloody stunning. Your work is sooooo beautiful.

    Great to meet and chat – in a bank – how glam/how Kal!! Clearly we couldn’t do it in the playground or at netball.

    Let’s do flat whites some time.

    I am off to Leonora tomorrow – maybe lunch Thursday? 12:20/1? I know that Reney has childcare that day so perhaps she can join us….. Or coffee early next Monday or Tuesday?

    • Julia, thanks so much for the kind words.
      You make me laugh – and I love your enthusiasm! Truth be told, you had me at ‘flat whites’…

      Anyway, I was sitting there today thinking I should email you, and lo and behold here you are!
      Thursday is great for me. I’ve got nothing on, so send me a message or text – I’ll work around whatever suits you.

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