Photo Essay | Gindalbie Woolshed

Gindalbie Woolshed is a disused shearing shed and quarters located sixty-six kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie, in the Western Australian outback. Once a thriving sheep station, drought and wild dogs have taken their toll on sheep numbers. The local industry has been decimated, and sheep farming is no longer a viable option for station owners Steve and Joanne Tonkin, who now run cattle and harvest sandalwood to make a living.

Around the yard an old gambrel meat hook swings from a nearby sheoak, a rusted axe leans against a shed and saltbush grows through the springs of a tossed-out camp bed. The woolshed stands seemingly untouched since the shearing stopped, save for the dust and cobwebs, and holes in the corrugated tin where sunlight filters in.

(click on the first image for a slideshow view)

Gear: Nikon D90, Sigma 10-20mm lens, Giotto tripod

Updated April 2014.


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