Documentary | The Art of Chocolate

I first met Cathy Yuryevich when our daughters were in the same pre-primary class in 2011. Over that year we got to know each other as our kids attended birthday parties and soccer games, not to mention the times spent outside the classroom as we waited for our kids. It was during that year that Cathy completed a chocolatiers’ course – building on confectionery making skills handed down for three generations – and Cocoa Desert was born. Over a year later, her handmade chocolate and confectionery business is thriving. Cathy makes traditional goodies, as well as specialising in native Australian flavours, including quondong, wattle seed, lemon myrtle and gumleaf oil, which are combined with Belgian chocolate.

I had a great afternoon laughing, chatting, and photographing Cathy at work (thanks Cathy!).


7 thoughts on “Documentary | The Art of Chocolate

  1. Thanks Mel, these pictures are fantastic. You have really captured the love I have for what I do – but then what’s not to love about working with chocolate. The pictures look so light and vibrant, I have never seen my kitchen looking so good!! You are great at what you do and I am really fortunate to have a friend with such talent – these shots are priceless. Thanks.

    • You’re very welcome, and thanks heaps for having me, Cathy – so glad you like the photos. I’m not that good with words so it’s nice to be able to tell a story with pictures. It was a great opportunity to take my new camera for a spin, too, and do a bit of documentary work (which I love!). Would be more than happy to hang out again and chat and take photos – I feel lucky to have a friend with a talent for making chocolate hehe xxx

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