Quallup Beach
Southern Coastal region
Western Australia

(Click on the first image for a slideshow view)


2 thoughts on “Quallup

  1. While the sand is whiter and finer,this beach reminds me a lot of the ruggedness and messiness of Tasmania’s west and north-west coasts. Its wild and windy and a ‘hoody’ is a must. I love how you ‘document’ the beach = its patterns, its rubbish, and its warts and all. The human impact on even the remotest beaches is staggering.

    I found this link:

    • Thanks Lisa. That’s what surprised me – the amount of rubbish that was on the beach, either left there or washed up. I picked up as much as I could, considering it was a bit of a hike out of there and I had to cart it over rocks and up a steep dune. You would have read about the CSIRO’s study of rubbish on beaches?

      It came out just after we went to Quallup. Just staggering, as you said, and horrifying. Take your rubbish with you, people!

      Thanks also for the Beachsafe link – there’s some interesting info about the geology in there. I think the colours, especially of the granite, reminds me of photos I’ve seen of Tassie. I will get there one day x

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